Small RV Bath Review 2021

In this video, we review small RV baths in some of the most popular teardrop trailers of 2021:

nüCamp T@B 400 more info
Little Guy Max more info
inTech Sol Horizon, Eclipse, and Dawn more info
Rockwood Geo Pro G19RD (not a teardrop, but in the same weight class) more info

To sink or not to sink?

Believe it or not, small RVs can have amazing bathrooms. But the question is: can you live without a sink? Of the four small RV baths in this review, only the 2021 T@B 400 and Rockwood Geo Pro provide a bathroom sink. So if you want to wash your hands in the 2021 Little Guy Max or inTech Sol series, you have to use the kitchen sink.

Small RV baths are mostly wet

Wet baths are popular in small RVs because they save space. A wet bath means that the toilet is in the shower. And because interior height is often limited in small trailers, you may need to use the shower while sitting on the toilet.

The 2021 T@B 400 provides a curtain to protect the walls and storage areas in the wet bath. However, the Little Guy Max and the inTech Sol series bathrooms are designed to get water everywhere. In humid conditions, I suggest you use a squeegee to dry off the bathroom walls and run the exhaust fan for at least 15 minutes.

Only the Rockwood Geo Pro G19RD offers a dry bath: the shower is located to one side and water spray is contained by a curtain.

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Special thanks to Jerry’s Camping Center in Madison, WI

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