Fly Fishing for Humpies in Alaska

My brother, Steve, loves fly fishing for “Humpies” (Pink Salmon) in Alaska. I grew up fishing and camping in Alaska but hadn’t fished there in years. In this video, my brother reminds me how to catch and clean these excellent trout-like fish.

Hope, Alaska is home to Resurrection Creek and the ideally-located Seaview RV park, which backs right up to the water. About a 100-minute drive from Anchorage, this beautiful stream pulls in massive quantities of salmon every year. Sometimes there are so many fish, you can almost walk across them.

We spent several days last August with my brother and his wife’s family, fly fishing for Pink Salmon. Also known as Humpies—due to the spinal hump that forms when the males hit fresh water—Alaskan pinks have a delicate texture and flavor. They’re easy to catch and cook right away. We roasted a couple over the fire shortly after catching them. Yum.

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If you’re planning an Alaskan fly-fishing trip, you can buy your Sport Fishing License online from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. Non-resident licenses currently range from $15 to $100, plus extra if you’re after mighty King Salmon.

Hope, Alaska is a sweet little town that might remind you of Northern Exposure (no, it wasn’t filmed there). Be sure to check out Sourdough Dru’s Gifts & Gold, and definitely plan dinner at The Dirty Skillet!

RVers will want to stay at Hope’s Seaview Cafe and RV Park, with sites that back up to Resurrection Creek. It also features breathtaking views north across Turnagain Arm.

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