How-to: Wiper Blade Refills Save You Money

Stop wasting money. In this video how-to, I install wiper blade refills on both the front and rear wipers. Full blade replacements would cost over $55, but I refilled all three of our vehicle’s blades for just $12.50 (plus tax).

The Windshield Wiper Industrial Complex wants you to replace your entire wiper blade every 6 months. Yet the only thing that actually wears out is the rubber itself. It’s easy to save money and reduce waste by learning how to install Wiper Blade Refills.

There are rubber refills made to fit many aftermarket and OEM/factory blade assemblies. Check your owner’s manual or your aftermarket blades to make sure you purchase the right refills for your car or truck.

The links below take you to the wiper blade refills I purchased for my 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk (should fit 2011-2020 models, too). So be sure to choose the correct refills and sizes for your vehicle.

NOTE: These are NOT affiliate links, and I have no connection with the sellers/manufacturers.

Refills for 8mm x 10mm Front Wiper Blades — sold in pairs
(choose the correct lengths for your vehicle):
BEMOST Windshield Wiper Blades Refills Natural Rubber Strips 8mm x 10mm

Refills for 6mm x 10mm Rear Wiper Blades — trim to length (enough for 4 refills):
AERO Windshield Wiper Blade Refills Rubber Strips for 26″ inch and under (Pack of 2)

Keep a spare set of wiper blade refills in your RV or tow vehicle. And if you’re renting an RV, here are 5 Things to Pack for your trip.

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