Ep 3: nüCamp Teardrop Trailers?!

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We hadn’t thought about teardrop trailers from nüCamp! In fact, we hadn’t thought about trailers at all because we don’t have a vehicle to pull one. (Our Honda CR-V has a tow capacity of 1500 pounds, which is well below the 3500 needed to pull the nüCamp T@B 400 teardrop trailer.)

However, our heads were turned by these sweet little teardrop trailers made by Ohio-based nüCamp. If you’re searching for an RV and think you need a lot of storage and space, you might not have considered teardrops — especially if you have a 50-pound dog. However, it’s worth your time to tour the TAB S and the TAB 400 because they’re made really well. nüCamp’s trailers use intelligent floorplans that maximize space, and they install Amish-built cabinetry. Plus, you can probably fit one in your garage!

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Special thanks to GS Media & Events and the Greater Chicago RV Show
Thanks to Vacationland RV in Big Rock, IL for bringing these nüCamps to the show.

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