Small Travel Trailer with a Bathroom: Little Guy Max

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A small travel trailer with a bathroom doesn’t have to be cramped and uncomfortable. We love the nüCamp T@B 400 and its wetbath, but we aren’t crazy about the lack of storage. So in this video, we tour the Little Guy Max and discover all the things that set it apart from the T@B 400.

The Little Guy Max is 3 feet longer than the TAB 400, and we were amazed by the amount of storage and space that provides. However, there are a few things we’re not crazy about.

Which would you choose? Little Guy Max or T@B 400? Comment and let us know!

nüCamp T@B 400 more info
Little Guy Max more info

Watch this video on YouTube.
Our in-depth look at the wet baths in the Little Guy Max, T@B 400, inTech, and Geo Pro.
Watch this video on YouTube.
The first time we ever saw a nüCamp T@B 400

Special thanks to Jerry’s Camping Center in Madison, WI

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