Stay in an Italian Villa!

Do you want to stay in an Italian villa? In this special video from our recent trip through Italy, I’ll show how to book the beautiful 16th-century Villa dei Vescovi. I’ll tell you what we paid, as well as the pros and cons and nearby places to visit.

This isn’t my usual RV content! I’ll get back to that soon, but I wanted to share this amazing villa we stayed in on a recent roadtrip through Italy.

Villa dei Vescovi bookings are managed by the Landmark Trust. NOTE: we have no connection to the Trust or the villa, but we enjoyed staying there and wanted to share it with you. From the Landmark website:

“Sit amid the frescoes on the wide west loggia as the sun sets on the Euganean hills, in a landscape little changed since the 16th-century.”

Why we chose to stay in this villa

To celebrate her birthday, MT wanted to stay in an Italian villa. We knew that would probably be too expensive for us, but then she remembered the Landmark Trust, a British foundation that preserves and maintains many properties in the UK. They also happen to partner with a foundation in Italy, the FAI, or Fondo per l’ambiente Italiano (literally, the Italian Environmental Fund, or The National Trust for Italy).

There are two rooftop apartments that give you access to this historically important Renaissance villa. Apartments are available for 3-night, 4-night, 7-night, 11-night, or 14-night stays. We recommend the apartment we stayed in, “Mansarda del Vigneto,” on the north side of the building.

The one on the south side, “Mansarda del Frutteto,” is the same size, but we don’t recommend that apartment. Why? Because there’s another villa nearby that serves as an outdoor wedding venue. The dance music can get pretty loud and thumpy, and the apartment on the south side faces in that direction. If you’re not staying over a weekend, though, this probably won’t be an issue.

The private entrance gate to Villa dei Vescovi.
Private entrance gate to Villa dei Vescovi.

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