How to Level a Travel Trailer in 5 Steps using Andersen Camper Levelers

On our recent trip to Northern Michigan, we used an Andersen Camper Leveler to level our rented single-axle travel trailer, a 21-foot Airstream. In this ultra-quick video, I show 5 steps to leveling a trailer, even if you’re by yourself.

Before this trip, I was accustomed to leveling 4-wheeled motorhomes. And somehow, it never occurred to me how much simpler it is to level a travel trailer. You only need to raise one wheel for the side-to-side level, and then raise or lower the tongue to level front-to-back. And for speed and precision, it’s hard to beat the Andersen Camper Leveler which allows you to raise from 1/4-inch to 4 inches (there are similar products available, but I’ve only used the Andersen).

SAFETY FIRST: Read the manuals, understand how gravity works, and keep people and pets away from your rig whenever you’re moving it. Also note: a 2 or 3-axle trailer is going to require additional Andersen levelers, and you’ll need to determine whether there’s enough space between the wheels to accommodate multiple levelers.

Step 1: Assess the Campsite

When you get to your campsite, note the location of electric and sewer hookups, and then position the trailer about a foot behind where you want it to end up. It’s usually easier to drive forward onto a leveler, but you can also back up onto it, as I show in the video.

Step 2: Level the Trailer Side-to-Side

Determine which side of the trailer is lower, and then place the Andersen Camper Leveler in front of or behind the tire on that side. You need to kinda jamb it under the tire. Drive forward (or in reverse) onto the leveler, and keep in mind that the height will quickly increase from 1/4” to 4”.

BONUS: if you do happen to have a partner—and you both have cell service—use FaceTime to both communicate and to see what you’re doing. Walkie-talkies are another option and they don’t require cell service.

Step 3: Check your trailer for level

Always set the parking brake on your tow vehicle before you exit. Now get out and check your trailer for level, then adjust as necessary.

Step 4: Chock & Unhitch

Once you’ve leveled your travel trailer side-to-side, chock the Andersen leveler with the included wedge. Don’t forget to also chock the wheel on the other side of the trailer. Now you can disconnect, unhitch, and drive your tow vehicle forward.

Step 5: Level Front-to-Back

With your tow vehicle out of the way, raise or lower the trailer’s tongue jack to level your trailer front-to-back. Once you’re satisfied, you can lower your stabilizing jacks (if you have them) and then hook up the water, electric, and sewer.

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