Towing Mirror Extensions for Jeep Grand Cherokee

Towing with an SUV like the Jeep Grand Cherokee? Then you probably need a pair of towing mirror extensions. In this video, I show you how to install one of the most popular options, the Dometic Milenco Grand Aero3 Towing Mirrors. I’ll also answer the big question: how much do they shake?

Towing mirror extensions can not only save your life, but they also make towing a much more enjoyable experience. Plus, in many states, you could get pulled over for not having mirrors adequate for your rig.

The two main benefits of towing mirror extensions

  1. You can see vehicles behind and alongside of the trailer much more easily
  2. You can see the wheels of the trailer, which makes it easier to back into a campsite or to simply turn a corner.

In this video, we’re towing an 8-foot wide Airstream behind our 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee. With the Jeep’s stock mirrors, I’m only able to see the front corners of the trailer. But the Dometic clip-on mirror extensions widen the view so that I can see down both sides of the Airstream.

The shake factor

There are many different models of towing mirror extensions on the market but they all share something in common: they SHAKE. The Dometic Aero3s are no exception. Yes, they vibrate, but it’s not enough that you can’t see what’s behind you.

To help reduce the shake, space the clips as widely as possible on the metal extension arm of the Dometic mirrors. Depending on your vehicle, you’ll also need to experiment to find the best mounting position. On our Jeep, it was more secure to mount them to the bottom of the factory mirrors.

Installing Dometic Towing Mirror Extensions on the lower part of our Jeep's factory mirrors to reduce vibration.
To reduce vibration, I installed the Dometic towing mirror extensions on the lower part of our Jeep’s factory mirrors.

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