Ep 2: Finding an RV-Friendly House

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Before we can actually get an RV, we have to find a house that allows us to afford an RV and that’s in an RV-friendly neighborhood with easy access and parking.

In this episode, we look at 3 houses in the southwest corner of Michigan, in and around the town of New Buffalo. This is a summer vacation spot for many Chicagoans, with a lot of summer homes and cottages. But we’re looking at it as a place to live year-round.

It’s a beautiful area with beaches and forests, and a great variety of homes and properties. But the big questions are:

  1. Is it close enough to Chicago to maintain my work as an actor and musician?
  2. Can we find an affordable house that we both love?
  3. Is it an RV-friendly house? In other words, is there space for an RV and easy access?

Join us as we tour these 3 homes and try to figure out if we can make this happen!

PS – Yeah, I know this video is sUpER ShAKy. I’ll make sure the camera apps are on the correct settings next time!

Thanks for watching, and be sure to watch Episode 1: First Time RV Shopping!!!

This life change was inspired by renting an RV last fall. Check out our post on how you can rent an RV for your own adventure.


  1. I thought I was watching “House Hunters”… so much fun. Glad you’re taking your show on the road, your comments are fantastic. I’m torn by the houses… love the romanticism of the log cabin, but that great room in #3 … and the yard in #2… yeah, I’m no help. But thanks for sharing your adventures!!

    1. Haha, thanks David! It’s hard not to think of House Hunters when doing this sort of thing. It’s also an interesting challenge to figure out how much info to include and what to show in each house. We’re also really torn about these houses and about just what exactly we’re looking for, but we’ll get there ultimately.

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