RV Travel During the Coronavirus Pandemic

We don’t own an RV just yet, but we’re wondering whether it’s even safe to travel during the coronavirus pandemic. Like many, we were starting to make travel plans for the spring and summer. But it’s become clear that the coronavirus is a serious threat here in the US.

If you’re considering RV travel soon, we’d love to hear how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting your decision. Please leave a comment down below, or visit our Facebook page and leave a comment there.

So what now?

We’ve decided to “hunker down” and stay home for now. Chicago is eerily quiet, but it feels safe at the moment and everything we need is close by. If we were on the road, I’d worry that the next town had run out of food, gas, or other essentials. I know I’d be worried about our friends and neighbors back home.

We’re fortunate that our present freelance work allows us to work from home. While we could probably do it on the road, there’d definitely be technical hiccups that we can’t afford right now.

However, all of my violin and acting work has been obliterated for the next two months. I worry that some of our favorite arts organizations won’t survive. And there are countless fellow artists who have really tough times ahead.

Want to hit the road anyway?

If you’ve never traveled in an RV, check out our post on how to rent an RV from Cruise America. By the way, I just checked their website, and Cruise America is offering half-price miles. Obviously, they’re also touting the benefits of getting outdoors!

Before you set out, though, be sure to read the latest at rvtravel.com’s Breaking Coronavirus News that Impacts RVers. They’re keeping that page updated with news about park closings, cancelled rallies and RV shows.

We also have a page of Coronavirus Camping Resources which we’re updating with the latest news.

And finally, a favorite YouTube channel, Long Long Honeymoon, posted a fantastic video about whether to cancel RV travel during the coronavirus pandemic. They Skyped with Sean’s sister who’s an MD in Tacoma, an epicenter of the crisis. An avid RVer as well, she provides good advice and perspective. Check it out:

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