Organizing Tips for Your Rental RV

MT shows you all the great rental RV organizing tips she developed on our 2-week trip to and from the Grand Canyon.

During our Cruise America rental RV adventure, we used caddies, containers, fake candles, rugs, and more, to organize and home-ify our one-room “apartment on wheels.” The challenge is to bring only what you need, and to find just the right place to put it. You’ll be living in a small space that hurtles down the road every day.

It’s important to secure your items, adapt to changing conditions, and have fun. We hope these RV organizing tips will help you plan and organize your first rental adventure!

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It has an Amazon link to those caddies (bins, baskets, totes… they have so many names). And you’ll learn about a few other items that’ll help you organize your rental RV so it feels more like home.

A special shout-out goes to my Topeka cousin, Phyllis, and her husband Mark for a wonderful dinner. Thank you!

While in Topeka, we stayed at the lovely Lake Shawnee Campground.

Earlier on our trip, we stayed at the Monument Valley KOA. Unbelievable location and so many stars!

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